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High Quality Show Photos

Click the links below to check out some high quality images from a selection of our over 40 productions. For more information about bringing a show to your location check out our Touring Shows page for a downloadable PDF brochure or give us a call. If you're specifically looking for a show for a Birthday or other party needs browse our Parties page for more specific information about our party room.

Show Photos
The Two Bad Mice Girl and her dollhouse and The two bad Mice
The Three Little Kittens Three Kittens and Mama
The Three Billy Goats Three Brother Goats
The Three Little Pigs Three Pigs and the Wolf and Party Pigs!
The Three Wishes Celebration dance!
The Big Bug Circus The Ring Leader and Catepillar and The Ring Leader and Clown
Canyon Condor Baby Condor and Mama and Baby Condor over the Canyon
Cinderella Cinderella and Prince Charming
The Elves and the Shoemaker Elves making shoes and the Shoemaker
Goldilocks and the Three Bears The Three Bears and Goldilocks
Hotel Saguaro Desert Animals
Jack and the Beanstalk Jack and his Cow
Jack Rabbit & Desert Tortoise The Race!
The Little Red Hen Hen and her Baby
Oh Coyote! Coyote and Tortoise
The Monkey and the Pirate Pirate and the Monkey with the precious bananas and Pirate and his Mum
Peter Rabbit Farmer and Peter and Peter with a carrot
Rapunzel Rapunzel locked in her tower
Rumpelstiltskin Characters at the spinning wheel
Trouble at Haunted Mountain Ghost! and Skeleton!
Zoner and the Drip Zoner, Drip and Saguaro the Cactus
Dragons, Ladies, and Tigers Lady and Tiger Shadow puppets and Dragon Shadow puppet
Silly Bunny's Holiday Show Silly Bunny caught in his decorations

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