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Welcome Back!

The Great Arizona Puppet Theatre is opening its doors once again! As of Saturday June 12, 2021, we will be open year round, performing shows at the theater Wednesday through Sunday. See below for what's coming next or look here for the full schedule of upcoming shows.

At this time, tickets must be purchased in advance. See a calendar of events to purchase here or call 602-262-2050 at any time.

Please read our COVID Safety Guidelines here in preparation for attending a show.

We are now hiring! We are seeking a leader in Development and Marketing. Plus, we are looking for a puppeteer!

Summer Camp!

Through the combination of storytelling and puppetry theater focused on Literacy standards English/Language Arts/Writing, Listening, and Speaking,

campers will experience visual, kinesthetic, auditory, and reading/written programs in their daily camp. Visual learners will enjoy storyboarding a folktale. Kinesthetic learners will relish the dexterity involved

in master puppetry. Auditory learners will delight in the turns of phrases particular to folktale language and try out character voices and expressions. Reading/written learners will enjoy reviewing scripts

and making their own drafts of stories and all campers will develop a story using their new learned knowledge for production and performance. In addition to the positive social and emotional impacts of the program

the camp will address, measure, and program literacy standards and comprehension in a small group environment with the exciting theater production elements as a backdrop environment and learning tool.

To sign a student up for this sensational program click here.


May 18 - Jun 5, Fri at 10am only
Sat 10am & 2pm; Sun 2pm.

Our enchanting version of "Rapunzel" magically unfolds from an antique trunk. This beautiful tale is based on the original story by The Brothers Grimm and is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Tickets must be purchased in advance: reserve here or call 602-262-2050 x 4.

Open to field trips with advance reservations only on Wednesdays and Thursdays. And, it's Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for family reservations. Please call the office at 602-262-2050 x 0 if you wish to schedule a field trip.Order online or call if you wish to make a family reservation.

Tickets go on sale April 18. 2022.

Support Us

We are so proud of the work we do with our small staff of professional puppeteers and theater artists and we are excited to re-open our doors after over a year! Throughout the worst of the pandemic, we provided drive-in shows to families who needed a break out of the house to see live entertainment. While we are so happy to return indoors, we are still facing a large loss of income from limited school and child care performances and the likelihood of no school field trips in the coming year. Please consider supporting us today with a monthly donation of any amount. Every little bit helps!

Learn more about our mission and history here.

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